Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly Manga Recap: Sept 26, 2010


  1. -Good Excuse for Naruto lol, oh and Madara's new mask is fucking silly as hell haha
    -Glad to see you are enjoying FT again
    -When it comes to Bleach at least Aizen is gone or atleast for now... shit i forgot about the Gin nuke, your right about the Kido spell there >.<


  2. For the Sharingan, the illusion with your physical being still doesn't make sense. if you can change your physical being, why not become a giant with machine gun arm and laser eyes? Or why not use your illusion to give you hyper intelligence?

    I really have to catch up on Toriko. Damn you education.

    As for Reborn, DAMN STRAIGHT! I really hope 100% Bangle isnt a healing thing. It would be osm if its an explosion of Sun flames. Also for the future fights, it would be cool for some curveballs or at least false fights. Like Gokudera fights Adelheid with no pride on the line but then Hibari takes over.

    Dude you are starting to make me want to read Fairy Tail again. I thought that was impossible.

    Finally, for Bleach. I'm disappointed because they could have at least set up the Urahara thing. Like just something like "Hey Ichigo, you need to become super strong and attack him with all you have so my secret plan can work." That would have softened the blow.

  3. I really don't have anything to say about this vlog because I more or less agree with what you said. I'll just link my thoughts on this chapter of Fairy Tale here ( and just mention that I really wasn't all that upset about Naruto LOL it was just that as a commenter mentioned I thought that you were being unfair to it.

    Wow, this must be the shortest comment I made on your blog :P