Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly Manga Recap: Sept 19, 2010


  1. Actually, Gildartz was introduced right before the whole alternate dimension arc. He showed up and told Natsu about a black dragon that kicked his ass.

    Kind of lame introduction. I preferred yours!

  2. I figured you won't like FT 201 because of the blatant ecchi haha. They had Guildar intrudced return before the other earth arc started.

    This special ability Madara and Danzo had is the ability to change reality in a special area in the physical sense, he can't gain anything intangible like knowledge and power. He gives up that eyes use permanitly, the reason Danzo had all those god mode moves is because he had all those stolen eyes. So basically one he used one of those eyes he can't see out of it and use the powers it previously had. Its imagination into reality in a physical sense. He needs the 6 paths to do all the things you were describing haha. Sorry if i come off as a fanboy of Naruto but I completly understand the whole Izanagi move (

    Anyways lol good reviews this week, keep it up!

  3. I really thought you would have hated Bleach more. I despised it. Basically, they took this already stale and boring idea of becoming your own weapon and made it painfully stupid.

    As for Reborn, it took you long enough to talk about it. I do have to disagree with you on some points. I believe it doesn't hit as low as you say it does. It gets down there once in a while, but never THAT low. For example, the box animals were pretty stupid at first but they went out of there way to fully explain and give them a meaning behind it(Having a sentient being that could fight as a separate entity). Like the thing with Talbot and the broken rings was idiotic and terrible but it doesn't happen at a constant enough to say its a pattern of going good to bad to good etc.

    As for the Ryohei vs Koyo, I am really liking it. Granted, I am a huge Ryohei fan and basically every fight he has ever had has been awesome but this one has been beyond that. Primarily, it showed that Ryohei's Vongola Gear actually matches and fits him well with it not having the time limit, being a set of gloves, and matching how he learned how to fight. Basically, meaning that the VG actually has some meaning behind it.

  4. @ Rafat remember when the real Six Funeral Wreaths showed up? Yeah the manga does hit it THAT low.

    I thought that this Vlog was the best to date. I think at the moment doing it in this format would be very good.

    Now, comments

    Fairy Tale: I made a comment about this chapter in the TGWGT forums, but it somewhat echoed what you said.

    Naruto: I’m not sure where did you read this chapter or what translation it was, but it must’ve been shit because the majority of what you said was wrong. I can’t believe that I’m actually I’m jumping to defend Naruto but there you go.
    Madara never mentioned that he was searching for any Paths, there are no Paths. What he was talking about was that The title (not the person) of The Sage of Six Paths (Rikudou-Sennin) was given to the person who was able to recreate the same technique of combining the Yin (the power of illusions of the Uchiha) and Yang (the physical power of the Senjuu) releases and producing the Yin-Yang Release that was able to create something from nothing and then breathe life into it. That was the secret behind Izanagi, the same power that Danzou used in his fight with Sasuke. In order to use the technique the user must sacrifice his Sharingan permanently (the eye can’t be used again, ever). It does not make wishes come true, it recreates and alters reality but it does have limits, and compared with the original Rikudou-Sennin (who managed to create the 9 tailed beasts from the 10-tails) the Izanagi they both used is weaker (due to his previous injuries at the Valley of the End) so he just can’t use it endlessly. He called himself the Second Rikudou-Sennin, and in the end called Nagato the Third Rikudou-Sennin.
    Yes Naruto is filled with some of the stupidest things ever, but this chapter was not one of them. I thought this was a very good chapter overall.

  5. Reborn: In my very humble opinion, Reborn has never once reached the complexity or maturity and other things that you spoke about. In fact, I thought that it ranges from mind numbingly idiotic and amusingly mediocre. The current events fall into a cocktail of all of that with the recent fight being somewhat interesting but that’s it. You are free to think it might be the best that WSJ has to offer, but I can tell you with absolute confidence that there are far, FAR better manga in the same lineup.

    Defence Devil: You comparing with Bleach falls short because I never took Kenpachi seriously ^_^
    I agree with more or less about the manga, but while I do agree that she was exploited greatly, I didn’t like how you pigeon holed ‘’fan service’’ as the term for that exploitation. The term itself covers beyond any simple cheesecake shot or sexually related moments, but covers any moment that panders to the fanbase.
    But I would be going into a tangent here so I’ll stop ...

    But good Vlog keep it up!

  6. I agree on most parts. However i disagree on the whole speech you make against Madara and izanagi(the technique that turns imagination into reality). Madara himself maybe not be a good villain, we don't really care about him, nor he has done anything for us to care(falling in the "Aizen" trap), but he has not created any major plotholes, besides the point why he didn't kidnap naruto when he was a baby, or 4-5 years old, when he couldn't defend himself, instead of trying to capture him now, that everyone cares about him and he's really powerfull. His techniques, also, are somehow explained in this chapter. We learn that his intangibility can last 5 minutes instead of forever, it takes longer for him to absorb anything else besides his body and izanagi was explained in the "Sasuke vs Danzo" fight. that technique has the ability to turn illusion into reality and reality into illusion, IN TERMS OF ONE'S SELF. That means that Madara can't create a palace in the moon to rule as god and summon a meteor to kill all the good guys. But, he can change the reality of himself dying by the exploding paper, into an illusion and stay alive. That's how Danzo survived the massacre of amaterasu and susanoo that Sasuke unleashed. Also, by "losing the light" i think they mean that the eye closes permanently, unable to open and see again. So, no ruling the galaxy anytime soon for Madara, no technique can do that. Still, tight review, look up the izanagi technique, because i think you're being unfair to Naruto this week. I agree, it overall sucks, but we should judge it for the right reasons.