Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekly Manga Recap: Sept 12, 2010


  1. I agree with most of your points on Naruto and Bleach.
    In Naruto I read over the dialogue and forget most of it after a few days because it didnt have anything interesting or enthralling which was memorable.

    Bleach... Yeaaaaah you know when battles in battlemanga arent exciting you are doing something wrong. I hope Kubo realizes that.

    I somehow had the impression that Bakuman would end in the next few weeks or at least in 1 or 2 months. All I can hope is that they dont do another arc where they write a new manga because PCP gets magically canceled. That would be really annoying and repititive.

    Sadly you didnt address "Noblesse"(readable on Mangafox) which I suggested last time but I understand that you cant read everything. I know that it is some kind of reverse harem but I like the scenario and the battles alot.

  2. Negima is my favorite manga, so I can tell you exactly when it gets better.

    If you ABSOLUTELY MUST skip to the good part of the manga, start reading at chapter 72. That should be about the time. However, some plot points might and probably will go over your head since you skipped so far ahead.

    I should point out the girls are 15, but if the fanservice still makes you feel uncomfortable, at least feel relieved that the fanservice DOES decrease a lot once it gets good.

    I should also mention that while I absolutely love Negima and its action, I actually love its STORY and THEMES more, and it really is one of the best stuff I've read out of a shonen series, so I really hope you check it out.... Then again, if you dislike it, it'll probably crush my soul. XD

  3. I miss the good old days when D-gray Man chapters didnt require like 3 reads to make sense.

    Also a question for you, what is your opinon of Claymore( for whole series, for new chap)?

    Either way good work this week, keep it up!

  4. @unicorndeer - I must have missed the suggestion. If I get some free time I'll definitely check it out though.

    @Jeffrey - They're 15? I was almost positive they mentioned their own age though. Hmm... maybe it's art then. Regardless it does rub me the wrong way, though it's not the only manga to do so, I assure you.

    I'll try giving the manga another try once I catch up on Defense Devil and Psyren most likely.

    @brandon-cain - Yeah, D.Gray-Man was pretty good when I had any clue what was going on. As for my opinion on Claymore, I honestly can't say I know much of it. I want to say at one point I read a few chapters, but I can't recall what I thought of it. Perhaps in time I'll return back to it.

    As a note what did other people think of the changes from the first episode to this one? Still improvements to be made, but I think it feels a bit more... syndicated at this point.

  5. God I hate Fairy Tail so much lately, I just cant believe how dull it became, it wasnt that bad in the beginning. It's really great there is someone to hate it as much as I do right now.

    As for Psyren, I would pick Nurarihyon no Mago instead, Psyren isnt that good, for me at least. For monthly released manga - have you had any contact with Soul Eater maybe? It's a really good manga and I wish it would be released weekly, waiting for a new chapter tires me.

    Anyway, lighting this time was great, awesome work. I hope you will keep it up like that.

  6. Okay, lighting, definite improvement. Honestly, it doesn't matter what kind of lighting you have, just as long as your area and yourself are lit up and we can see you, that is more than good enough for recording.

    As for separating your manga reviews into different sections, I guess it's okay, but I didn't have any problems with the previous way either.

    Don't make each of the title cards appear for a long time on the screen. I think about 5-8 seconds should suffice for each entry.

    That's pretty much it. Okay vlog as always, but I would like it if you could put into perspective what would make good storytelling and characterization to you.

  7. I like to think of this V-log as the Manga version of Spoony's Wrestle Wrestle V-logs. As long as you express your opinions and thought process this will be a good watch/listen.

    ps. I think Claymore is pretty badass, strong and determined women (who are half human,half demon) with giant fucking claymore's killing demons by using the strengh of the demons against them

  8. I don't think Aizen's actually getting powered up. I think the hough is more like a parasite and eating Aizen out. All of Aizen's comments are more self-deluded guesses IMO.

  9. Naruto: I thought that it's a pretty cool chapter. Hey Konan actually managed to damage Madara badly even! And I thought the last Justu looked cool.

    Fairy Tale: I'm not sure what you're talking about when you said that manga are meant to be complete stories. That isn't true for a series like Fairy tale, when it is made to go for as long it continues to make as much money as possible.
    About this chapter, I already made my comment here and I don't want to go through the chore of rewriting it again for the third time []

  10. Negima: I would advise you not to skip any chapters not to skip any of the earlier chapters, as Ken Akamatsu is an expert at foreshadowing important revelations and alluding to future events early on. If you must skip on the cheesecake then I'd recommend to try and not skip whole chapters.

  11. Okay this is the third time I'm rewriting this comment, let's hope this time it doesn't get eaten as the last two
    I thought this vlog had a definite improvement compared to the last one, though I'd agree with Reese about the length of the title cards. Other than that great work, hope you continue to do better.
    Now about the vlog
    Bakuman: I'm the opposite when it comes to Iwase. At first I started disliking her, but she managed to garner a lot for respect from me after her call to Takagi and the cafe scene helped her get more points in my book. Also I just don't see the manga ending this soon; they might consider having it coincide with the anime ending, but even then I still doubt it as the anime would've to cover a lot of ground to get to where the manga is now.

  12. D.Gray-Man: While I do agree with you that the quality of writing took a dip recently, I wanted to bring this up because it seriously bugged me. Katsura Hoshino has never been hit with any plagiarism charges of any kind ever. She had been hit by a bike once, and has a weak constitution but aside from that all the ‘’she stole from Takeshi Obata early work’’ nonsense is nothing more than over the top speculation from the English fandom. The reason why she moved to Jump SQ (Shueisha’s monthly publication) was due to her health and being unable to keep up with WSJ schedule (she has something akin to hernia of intervertebral disk) as well as Shueisha trying to push through their new magazine by having a popular title moved to it.
    Sorry, but that part annoyed me for some reason.

  13. @Tropical When I say eastern comics are a complete story I mean that eventually the story ends. One day Fairy Tail will end. One Piece will end. These are all self-contained stories set in their own universes with one or two authors who make up the run. Western comics are completely different. There is no end to Superman. Sixty years later his universe is still expanding and to suffice all these years of storylines certain aspects have to be retconed.

    My problem with Lisanna is that it felt like a retcon. It felt like Hiro was like "fuck, I want her back" and just used the otherworld Lisanna as any easy way out. Again, without any foreshadowing I never get the impression that this was planned any earlier than maybe five chapters before it happened.

    Regarding D.Gray-Man all I heard was that the plagerism claims hit when she left Jump and that was the reason. By that point I was already beyond confused with D.Gray-Man so I just took heresay that was backed up by a few other articles I read regarding plagerism. I'm sorry her health is in poor condition, and I'm not accusing her of being a plagerist. If her health was the reason she left Jump then I had my facts wrong and I apologize for being ignorant.

  14. @ Rollo_T ah I see what you meant, that is certainly true (though many manga sereis do decided to stay for very long periods of time such as JoJo Bizarre Adventure or Detective Conan or even Kochikame which is still going on for more than 30 years) but I can see the point that your making.

    That was something that I noticed as well about Lisanna. It didn't annoy me that she was brought back (it was kind of left open by not showing her death and her body being lost) but as you said, it seriously felt like a retcon. There could've been better ways to handle this revival but Hiro decided to use this method.

    And about DGM, actually rereading my comment I did come on as being very rude in it (it wasn't my intention) so I need to the one who apologize for wording it in that manner. It is just that the plagiarism rumors originated from a certain site that is the equivalent of tabloids and I've been seeing that it has been taken as truth at many places. Sorry about that, I shouldn't have let my comment get too emotional.

  15. @Rollo_T , @Torpical ;This comment section is far too polite, are we really on the internet? If so I fear for us all.

  16. I guess you missed my suggestion for The Ravages of Time in your previous video? or just didn't feel like touching on it.

    Well anyways, the lighting is acceptable now, I mean, I can see how this'd still be a problem, because you're kinda depending upon sunlight so we can at least see your face, which is a pretty big variable, but as long as we can see your facial expression, it's fine.

  17. I don't really read many/any manga, and now that One Manga is gone I have lost a lot of interest, but I did read Negima, and I would recommend it. I will agree with you that the beginning chapters can be kind of... Well, yeah, not as interesting, but keep with it an don't skip. Though not too good, the first chapters are important! It really is worth it, I say. Then again, the fanservice never really bothered me. It always felt so over the top that I just kind of took it as more of a joke than just panty flashes.

    Another good series (Out of the few that I read) is History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi. I love the characters, the martial arts, the art, it's a great package. Go check'em out.

    Vlog definitely seems a bit more polished, inclusion of sections seems very nice. As mentioned before, shorten the time the title cards are on screen. Other than that, just give us some opinions. See ya next week.