Monday, September 13, 2010

D&D Log: Session 13

Oh right, I still do these recaps. It’s been a while, so I completely forgot. Truth be told there’s not much to say about this session, but let’s get into it anyway.

So we started our session the night of our big epic one minute fight of hell. Our group met to discuss our plans, and unanimously decided that removing Darstine’s curse was paramount. After the meeting Vane, Juliet, and Garrett agreed in private to not let Darstine be alone, and furthermore to ensure that she doesn’t cast anything out of the book. The next morning we were greeted by Donovan who told us that a movement against the Witch Queen would have to come soon. We were to see Morwaytha to discover a way to defeat the Witch Queen, and to assist us he gave us all one magic item (either +1 piece of armor, or +1 weapon) and a few supplies. Viktor and Juliet left the castle to pick up a few extra supplies and then speak with Father Emmitt regarding resurrecting Lord Vane the First, and while Spoony was impressed with the foresight he couldn’t justify the castle keeping Vane’s body. I got extra RP for roleplaying, but sadly Lord Vane the first is gone for good. Sad, but s’well. Meanwhile in the castle Garrett began to feel a terrible chill as Darstine found herself lost in the Word of Morgana slowly rubbing the cover of the book, and doing other weird cursed people stuff.

Grae demanded this stop, and choose to use his chain to lock the book up! Except he had no padlock. TO THE ARMORY! Yes, we bummed a cruddy lock off the castle to lock up the cursed tome of a demi-goddess who is possessing the party’s Rouge. I repeat, we tried to keep something away from the party’s thief by locking it up with a shitty padlock. DETHKLOK D&D!!! So yeah, we locked up the book, and left the key behind (I want to note that Juliet and Viktor were not there for this. All of these terrible plans were not my idea, and I could do nothing to stop them!), oh and Grae’s master plan was to lock the book in a box with another lock. We’re the people destined to save the world everybody. Weep for your futures.

So after those events we headed off to Ihestas on our new horses. We could have gotten there faster, but Lord Vane asked for a warhorse which is much slower. Douche. Oh, and when he rode up to Morwaytha’s he rode through her turnip patch. Excuse me, I’m still a little baffled at that. I sometimes take a moment to digest such stupidity.

… okay, I’m good.

So we spoke with Morwaytha, and she informed us about the Well of Seals. Actually, the name escapes me, but it’s a diamond of great power that was said to belong to a great Tiefling wizard, Galendread. Galendread’s tower was said to be destroyed during the fall of the Tiefling Empire, but some say the tower still exists and the Well is inside. Our mission is to get the Well as the very power of the gem is said to rip souls from the body. This will help rip Morgana out of Darstine (hopefully), and with luck also seal the Witch Queen. However the location of the tower is to the far east near the Fiery Plains. You guys didn’t get the world description, but basically the Fiery Plains are full of monsters and demons and the Prince of Hell supposed has a castle nearby. In short, we’re in all likelihood boned, but fuck it we’re heroes so let’s ride off to slay evil or something.

We set off from Ihestas after deciding to completely forego the roads and just travel there on the most direct route possible to get there quicker. After two nights we came upon a farm on fire being attacked by mechanical beasts and elves and… we won. And that’s about it. The campaign ended after the combat, and the combat was a majority of the session. With seven people combat gets clunky, so hopefully this group learns to start planning their moves out in advance so that each turn doesn’t take twenty minutes. In the end it was a short session that served to set up our next quest. Our first quest was to destroy the pyramid. Our second quest was to save the king. Our third is apparently to enter hell on earth and achieve the all mystical device of soul plucking. This is going to be interesting.

Until next time, Namaste!


  1. You forgot to mention the fact that not only did Joe get a warhorse, make a point to ride it through Morwaytha's garden, and not care that he was slowing everyone else down, but I'm pretty sure he TOTALLY FORGOT TO BRING IT INTO COMBAT WITH HIM. Isn't that the point of a warhorse mount? :P

    I like Liz's character at the moment. You guys did blow through that encounter rather easily, but Spoony was right; it gave him an idea of how strong you guys really are.

    Oh hey look...the Giants play next Sunday night...oy :P

  2. And it was the Well of Souls, nod Seals. I don't know what a Magic diamond full marine mammals is going to help, or is it filled with Elite Special Forces?

  3. Wouldn't trying to pick the lock, and re try unlocking it until they botch, and prevent any future attempt be the smart thing?

  4. just one thing whens the video goin up

  5. This was the first session that I actually got to sit and listen to live, and I was quite enthralled. I really enjoyed that bit with Juliet and the father character about Lord Vane. It really caught me off guard.

    Also, that encounter. I'm wondering if it's either Spoony going to easy on you guys, or if it was just the rolls. I mean, you guys have really learned how to work together in battle. I am interested in what Spoony will throw at you guys during the next session.

    Thanks for the recap, Rollo!

  6. You know what I noticed you guys don't do that often when you have to make a roll? You've never tried to "Take 10". Basically, according to the first handbook, you don't have to roll your die for a check, but instead you can say that you "Take 10", which counts as rolling a 10. That should reduce how often you guys fail a check.

  7. @Xylon - You can only take 10 if you are not involved in an encounter or skill challenge, which sometimes is hard to define in certain contexts. Even so, another point that can be made is that technically, you can't fail a skill check when you roll a 1 - you only fail a skill check if you don't beat the DC, meaning that there are times when a character /can't/ fail a certain check regardless.