Monday, March 21, 2011

Moving forwards...

Well peeps it’s been somewhat of a hectic and crazy weekend, but let’s keep our eyes looking forward. I posted last week that I would have three article series to test out: STFU, Inside the Koma, and From Their Eyes. From the response I received that in general was rather positive I have decided to give all three series a full run on this blog on a consistent basis. In regard to From Their Eyes, I still plan on doing the series even after my earlier announcement. There are still plenty of topics that I can try to cover from the time spent with my characters, and I’m still always going to enjoy the great memories I have with them. They might come off a bit bittersweet, but perhaps in the future I’ll be able to continue this series again with a new character in a new campaign. We shall see.

So, basically the last thing I need to get these series off the ground is topics. I have several of my own, but I’m curious to hear what you all think might be interesting topics. So, if you get the time to leave a suggestion I’ll try to return soon with a timetable for when you can expect these articles.

Hmm… this post was rather short. Well, let’s try lengthening it with some wacky conversation. So did anybody else notice that Penny always got captured in Inspector Gadget? I mean yeah, she stopped the crime most of the time, but damn that kid couldn’t go three episodes without getting caught. Women, right? Oh, and why is Andross a big floating head and hands? I mean Star Fox is a franchise where six foot anthropomorphic foxes fly spaceships, but it always seemed strange. Like… how does he regurgitate asteroids at you if he has no throat or digestive system?

… Okay, I’ll stop now. In shame.


  1. And what Chuck in Chuck? Everytime the two agents tell him to stay somewhere and touch nothing, he keeps on doing that, like a child.. And he attracts trouble.. Why is it so hard for him to stay in ONE place and touch nothing?!

    Enough ranting on Chuck...

    Right.. Suggestions.. On STFU, you could just keep your ear to the ground and see what the jungle drums are rumming. Our listen quietly and hear the bison?

    I've got no real suggestions, except, I can't wait until I get to read about the capture in the castle when the bard kills everyone..

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  3. Inside the Koma: Coby, Ussop Pirates etc etc

    From Their Eyes: I would like to see one of the more derp moments outside of battle such as the door fiasco, Kithra's failure to unlock the front door etc. Would like to get an idea of Juliets expression from the sidelines of the kill steal moment.

    STFU: You can't really come up with topics, just have to do as Yawret said and keep your ears to the ground

  4. Penny always got captured because she had a serious S&M fetish. ... the sexual nature might be questionable ... but the trill by itself was definitely enough for her.

    You got it wrong on Andross. It is not puking up asteroids. Rather....

  5. Maybe all humans have evolved so they don't need bodies anymore and the animals have evolved into anthropomorphic beings and they are trying to uprise and kill all humans. But then...why is that pig guy related to head hurts. DAMN YOU ROLLO T! I don't even like Star Fox all that much! As for the puking, well he just got bored one day and we all know what guys do when they are bored...

    STFU: Mac fanboys? Seems weird when I'm posting this on a mac. OH, Shippers! You know the guys that like to make really convoluted pairings then blog about it on Deviant Art while they cut themselves. Oh and fans of anything you don't like because they are just asking for it.

    The Koma thing, I don't know because I'm currently reading Eyeshield 21 (it's awesome) and I didn't want spoilers. Right now I'm at the part where they meet the supposedly real Eyeshield 21. But I'm interested in possibly reading another one.

    Also, if you could somehow revive your Manga Updates, even in text form, would be great because I like hearing your recommendations. Defense Devil is so far pretty good and Beelzebub is great.

    Good luck.