Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekly Manga Recap: Oct 3, 2010


  1. So while the manga recap is pretty dope, and introduces a lot of series that I haven't heard of, you seem to confine yourself to Shonen Battle manga. I can tell that this is probably your favorite type, but it would be cool to see you branch out into some other genera

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  3. Liked the review. I read most the manga's you talked about and i had the same opinions when i read it. Also you should of commented on Fake Robins package that was just disturbing lol.

  4. Bleach = Absolute Fail this week >.<
    One Piece = Epic Win.

    My guess on Zoro is that as payment for his training he cut off his arm as to even the score between him and Mihawk.

  5. I wasn't going to say anything about it, but the bad aspect ratio on these videos have been irritating me for a while now. I downloaded the flv and manually stretched the video up/down until the black parts were gone, and it looks how it should. But atm it's squished down and it looks wrong. I wouldn't have watched these without downloading it so I can stretch, but I'm kinda touchy about those things.

    For the show format, I think these are too long (~45mins). Now I don't mind since I have the time, but I think it's a lot of time to watch for most people. Maybe split each recap into 2 parts? There's not any way I can think to lower the runtime beside simply not talking about so many shows, unfortunately.

    Oh and the new guy on Beelzebub is pissing me off, actually. It feels out of place to me... I mean, wasn't that guy with the glasses supposed to be the next big challenge? Instead this guy comes in and acts like a dick while being randomly 5x stronger than everyone else. The way he acts has already gotten under my skin.

    Bleach was pretty BS with that explanation "oh yeah they can survive as long as they still have will". lol since when? Now if Orihime came in and used her powers I wouldn't have had a problem, since she's already established as having that. Why they didn't is beyond me...

  6. For those worried for Zoro's arm, look between Luffy's legs, beneath the right side of the One Piece logo. You can see one of Zoro's sword pointing away from his very-much-still-there other arm.

  7. Too bad, I believe it would be rather interesting to see Zoro move on from his 3 sword fighting style..

  8. Awesome review Rollo_T! Can't wait for more =)

  9. If you need a better manga site to read on then check out there are no sound based ads and it updates weekly.

    As for suggestions, the only minor thing i'd add is some music in the background. But if you really want to make this a consistent weekly series on TGWTG then maybe write a full script and add more jokes. In addition, add some pics from the chapters you are reviewing. I'd suggest having a total of 10 - 15 series to talk about but only choose about 5 - 10 per week. So like if a series is really good/bad just have a quick mention before talking about the rest of them.

    As for the actual review, i agreed with most of the things you said however i dont think Zoro lost his arm and i think the Marinford(sp?) arc was a piece of monkey shit. Also i think most of the OP redesign were good except Chopper because doesnt his original hat have alot of emotional value to him? why would he get a new one?

  10. In Bleach's defense about the Unohana thing: Aizen left the captains and co. alive to watch him make the Key and destroy Soul Society, hence them being fine and able tpo be healed(though this was seen a mile away). Granted this is the only defense to the chapter. It was pretty bad.

    And a bit of clarification: The 'Curse' was the seal Urahara first put on Aizen when he was in cacoon mode that exploded. The only explination I have for it not working when Gin 'killed' him would be Kisuke's reason: The Hogyaku rejecting Aizen after fighting Ichigo. Just ignore Ichigo's lame ass thinking about Aizen being lonely. He was a damn psychopath and we know it.

  11. Nice show, Rollo-T. Really enjoy hearing recaps of all of the mangas i actually read on a daily basis and hear that i'm not crazy thinking that Bleach needs some fresh ideas and to stop trying to be so gore-heavy when no-one has ever died except the bad guys.
    I kinda like that the episodes are long and pretty elaborate because... it kills time while i do other stuff and it works more or less like an audio podcast. except if you want to watch Larios from Transmission Awesome nooze sit in a couch and get haunted by the shadow of the cat.

    Good show and i'll keep an eye on this blog now ;D there are actually some really good stuff on here!

  12. @shuffledeck52 – Agreed. I’m a shonen battle fan at heart, but I do try to branch out at least away from battle manga when I can. Bakuman is probably the only example of a non-battle Shonen I read, but I would love to talk about other series like Liar Game if it updated a bit more frequently. I’m going to try getting back into Gamble Fish as well, and in time I might look into some romance series. I’m hesitant though because I’ve found very few romance manga that feel believable to me, then again I don’t look much. Let me know if you have any particular series you want me to check out.

    @Lopoman – The cucumber gag was quite weird… Oda does have some dirty humor in him.

    @WeS – I appreciate the honesty, and I agree that my aspect ratio is not very good. I’m very much new to filming and the technical aspects of editing, so the ratios is something I’m not familiar with. Does the video look that bad on the Blip player as well? I might have to figure out a new dimension system in the future. I mostly just aim to make it visible, then I have to use rather weird dimensions to post here so it can fit on the screen.

    As for the time length, this is where I’m most struggling. On one hand people like the longer length as it works like a podcast and I can talk about more stuff, but on the flip side it really is too long for new viewers. I’m aiming for around the 30 minute mark and I’m going to test a few different lengths in the future. Just curious, my last recap was under 30 minutes. Was that preferable to you, or would you rather even shorter? Thanks for the constructive criticism by the way.

    Oh, and I was partially expecting Orihime, but I figured since Unohana hadn’t done anything Kubo could just have her fix everyone to justify her participation.

    @Isaac – Right, that was my mistake. That was a growing rumor when all we could see were spoilers. I didn’t study the scanned version long enough. Thanks for picking that up.

  13. @Rafat – I think next week I’ll test out doing it with more scripted jokes and bits. At the very least I’ll test the waters and ask fans to tell me which they prefer, though in all likelihood this will have to be the path I take. As for the series, I try to go with the biggest titles mixed with some smaller series. Right now I’m reading and commenting on: One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Bakuman, Beelzebub, Toriko, SWOT, Reborn, Fairy Tail, Air Gear, Defense Devil, Liar Game, and a few others. I’m looking to get back into Medaka Box, Psyren, Gantz, Gamble Fish, Steel Ball Run (if I can find if there’s still translators), Negima, and a few other series. Let me know what other series you’d like to see me discuss and I’ll try to look into them. Essentially though the major series that see consistent releases will be the ones mostly discussed.

    As for One Piece, I don’t believe Chopper got rid of the hat. The way I see it this new headgear is just something he threw on top of the old one. As for Marineford, we’ll have to respectfully disagree there. I thought it was absolutely mindblowing in scale, storytelling, and resolution. I could not have imagined a more fantastic “war” arc.

    @Raziki10 – See, but the problem still remains—Why did the Hogyaku abandon Aizen if Aizen didn’t willingly let go? The only conceivable reason I can think is that Aizen proved himself too weak, but that clearly wasn’t the issue since Aizen took the strongest attack in Bleach thus far at point blank ranged and survived. It’s a pretty big plot hole either way, so I just chalk this one up to Bleach’s storytelling sucking eggs.

    @Zeraphim – Thanks mate! Let me know what you like and what you’d want to see more of as well. I will be testing my recap with a more “review”-esque spin to it in the coming weeks, but give it a watch and let me know if you’d much prefer the older format or not. I’m really relying on fan feedback at the moment, so any opinions (good or bad) are really appreciated!

  14. I was hoping you'd speak about Fairy Tail again, but I liked how this review went, especially the One Piece return.

  15. Well, as with the previous vlog, I tend to agree with you on Defense Devil (which I had stopped reading around ch. 50 and from what you described I'm quite glad I dropped it) and Bleach (''Aizen may not have been that bad'' I just can't even believe Kubo thought that was a good idea).

    Reborn ... not so much. Like I said. I'm not a huge fan of Reborn, but I still thought this was a good chapter. The main problem right now is that other than Ryohei being taken everything had been going on a predictable path. It was already obvious that the Vendice would take the loser away (also, obvious Prison Break arc is obvious) The match ups had been fairly clear, and if you've seen the anime(which if you need to know the pronunciation of the characters such as Mukuro, go to crunchyroll and just watch one the episodes, they have the entire show there) you can figure out who is the person aiding Shimon, as Amano left clues in the arcs she worked on (I think you had a slip of the tongue, as you refereed to her as a he once).

    As for Chrome, yes they did bring her ring along (she, Lambo and Yamamoto rings haven't been reborn yet) but I will say this, the way Amano had been treating her, she may as well not have any pride whatso ever. Sad but true, I have given up on her doing anything actually worthwhile storywise other than being Mukuro's body double.

  16. As for One Piece, I'm waiting tell all the Strawhats are assembled to post my thoughts about them.

    Other than that, I noticed that you asked for some recommendations on twitter for ongoing Romcom's? I can help with that, as my tastes are pretty close to these sort of titles (Actually, reading your replies I have noticed that a lot of what I liked might not fit with your taste, so I have been wary of recommending anything other than The Lucifer and The Biscuit Hammer on your first vlog, as while I do enjoy the occasional battle manga's, they are just not my favorite manga's to read about)

    The World God Only Knows is a fun and wonderful series I had been a fan of since it's early beginnings (I think you might see my recommendation of it in the TGWTG Y's forum) and you might like it, but it's more of a comedy with romantic elements than a pure romance.
    Some of the recommendations aren't actually ongoing, but I felt I should mention them nonetheless.

    Emma by Kaoru Mori while a traditional sort of romance, may be a good starter. Kimi no Iru Machi and ~GE~ Good Ending are both ongoing, but are written in a very soup opera fashion. Bitter Virgin is quite controversial so you might not like it, but give it a try if you're looking for something heavy.

    Spice and Wolf isn't a manga, but a Light Novel series that you should check out as it contains one of the best developed romances in the medium (you can alternatively watch the anime)Kare Kano, Bokura ga Ita and Itazura na Kiss are all classic romantic shojo mangas, and Kimi ni Todoke it self is a fairly popular one. Cross Game is one the best shonen, if not all, romance-sports story ever, with many wonderful moments. Aoi Hana is also another wonderful manga, but it deals with lesbian love, so I don't know if you'd like it. I personally love all of these titles, and I have lots more, but I better stop now lol.

    Other than that, I just have to say that you should like how Medaka Box is panning out right now, and Psyren, while not exactly incredible should be to your liking. Just wish you'd give Negima a fair shot.