Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekly Manga Recap: Oct 24, 2010


  1. HAHA One Piece = Jizz in my pants

    I totally hope Beelzebub gets an american translation release. Do you think it will?

    If i was gonna lose a fight, i want it to be by breasts. But seriously i have a serious question; When the fuck did Gildarts get his arm/leg back?! I thought the dragon he fought basically ripped him to pieces?

    I like your description of FMA. King Bradley pissed me off but hell hes a villan i was supposed to hate him eh?
    I got super philosophical with Truth, i don't wanna get into it but i saw him as a very pragmatic form of "Truth".
    I saw the end coming because Ed giving up alchemy was also part of the first Anime series (which changed alot of things due to its production being half way through the FMA manga series' run).
    I'm glad you got a chance to read it though, It was the first manga i ever picked up so it holds a special place in my eye but im glad you appreciated it as well!

    /End Manga rant

    Keep up the good work sir! Btw How goes the process of getting this on to TGWTG Inked Reality? Anyways have a good one sir!

  2. Naruto: Edo Tense? Remember the Orichumaru fight against the Third Hokage? When he brought back the First and Second? yeah same thing here. Also Kishi totally killed too many villains.

    Beelzebub: I have a maid fetish, and im not ashame about it :<

    Fairy Tale: I liked the cheese cake, not so much the fact that they threw away the fight. Also didn't Fred cut his hair as atonement? how did it grow so fast again?

    Also, don't be mean to natsu >:(

    FMA: Sorry, I absolutely disagree with your early description, FMA didn't trip at the ending at all, in fact it run all the way past the finish line and sat there at the high point satisfied that it just told one of the most wonderful tale. Though being a 5/6 year fan of the series I guess I just had more time with it so the ending felt more fulfilling for me.

    I'm not sure why your saying its chapter numbering is misleading? It's had 108 published chapters (excluding the omakes and special chapters) so its 108.

    and, I'm sorry, no one dies!? Are you confusing this with Bleach or Naruto or something?

    Sounded like you were just bloodthirsty or something ...

    Wrath was awesome, but to me Envy was the most amazing villain. Also Lust <3

    I think that your speed reading made you confused, as the Truth isn't a ''good or bad'' guy he just delivers the price to even out the system. When Ed realized what was the price he needed to pay, he just gave him his brother. He is completely neutral.

    FMA is one series that was constantly great from start to finish. Filled with great moments, constantly understandable, and one of the best ending for a long running series.

  3. To add, I agree that the entire cast was great, but I did love Alphonse a little more than Ed, absolutely adored Kimblee and Izumi and cried for Hohenheim.

    Also, to clarify a bit more on the Truth behavior, it also was satisfied with the price and the answer Ed gave (humans need each other, ''one is all and all is one'' and that jazz) after just dealing homunculus who was almost the complete opposite in actions and believes, going into being completely unnatural and even breaking the balance of the world.

    its about the message the manga was sending early on, and if you read carefully you'll pick up the clues.

  4. @Tropical
    "I'm not sure why your saying its chapter numbering is misleading? It's had 108 published chapters (excluding the omakes and special chapters) so its 108."

    He was refering to the # of Pages. 108 chapters x 20 pages is alot less then 108 chapters x 45 pages =P

  5. @Tropical Brandon is right. I meant that chapters are about 50 pages at minimum.

    As for no one died... uh yeah, no one died. Look at the end during the big invasion and tell me which good guys died. Buccaneer and Fan. No one else died, and for all the characters they piled on I was hoping for more casualties, or at least more indications that the villains were actually threats. Once Wrath shows up he does just that, but until then the heroes pretty much walk all over the main characters, and only the evil douchebag villains get taken out by the puppet army.

  6. Bakuman: The multiple series stuff is getting old fast. Its getting to a point where its just being stupid. I dont care about any of these side projects and series primarily cuz they sound boring. Plus the Legends One Shots thing is unneeded and feels like a shortcut for the series so Ashirogi Muto can have an one shot faster.

    Naruto: Im pretty sure Diedara was brought back using that stupid resurrection justsu Orichinmaru had and Kabuto has now. The only reason I can guess that is cuz you see a coffin appear behind Diedara at the end of the last chapter.

    OP: I concur.

    Reborn: Lambo as a guardian is the one thing i will never really defend. i was really hoping they'd somehow change it to Gamma but since the 1st gen guardians were shown, it wont be happening.

    BZB: I dont necessarily like where the series is going. id rather have a bit more on the school then Be'els brother. Its still funny however it feels like its going for a Be’el vs En team fight which seems like a cop out instead of confronting the school. And if this plot is combined with the school one then it’ll probably feel like too much plot going on at once.

  7. FMA: I have to disagree with the ending. The idea of mortality is what this whole series is about. The reason why it doesn’t kill any characters is cuz that’s a cheap way of showing it. Instead of showing symbolism, character interaction, and different ideologies, killing a character only for the sake of killing a character just shows that they are a plot point kinda like Whitebeard from OP. The only reason he died was cuz Oda needed to make the Pirate world more dangerous. If Arakawa did kill off some more characters, what would that change and what would it add to the story? Just some dead character cuz we already saw the villains take over a country, start multiple wars, cause TWO genocides, showed they are basically immortal and stomp some main characters. By that point, if you don’t find them threatening, then that’s your fault.

    Also having them die in a war would oddly enough be the worst thing to do. After Hughes’ death and Havoc’s paralysis, it showed that the villains were srs shit and a threat so guess what? Srs plans were made to stop them. The whole series was about establishing a perfect plan so that when the war happened, many ppl wouldn’t die. Having ppl die would be the exact opposite to what the series was setting up with Mustang’s, the Armstrongs’ and Elrics’ plan.

    And The Truth isn’t a dick. He is balance. I know that sounds stupid but think about it like this. Lets say there were two Truths. At some point they would collide and be different and im guessing two Gods disagreeing wouldn’t be that good. So he needs to make sure anyone who tries to enter his would be punished regardless of how or why they entered cuz it could mean destruction of reality. That’s why he is nice to Ed at the end. Cuz basically Ed saying he will give up his alchemy is him saying he wont try and be God.

  8. Truth is not a single entity, and neither is the gate. Each person is meant to have a gate within themselves, which connects to the central truth. "Truth" is a reflection of each person who goes to their gate, sort of a gatekeeper.

    FMA is easily my favorite Manga of all time. It is the only Manga I have gone out and gotten the volumes for (PS: WHEN THE HELL IS VOLUME 24 COMING OUT? ANSWER ME MADMAN ENTERTAINMENT), the only Manga I have made a pseudo AMV for, and the only manga I have done a liveblog for on the Tv Tropes forums (Currently working on Chapter 9).

    I do agree that the invasion got even better when Bradley showed up (Though I still loved the opening parts of it). His entrance was simply glorious. Two words:

    "Hello Everyone"

  9. @Rollo_T ''No one died''

    You have a very strange definition for on one.

    Greed, Hohenheim, Fu, Buccaneer I guess count as no bodies? In addition to what Rafat wrote, killing off everyone would contradict the message the manga has been sending. So what if the cast is large, that doesn't mean they should be treated as target practices when they were following a strong plan for the attack on Central.

    ''villains were actually threats''
    And what about everything before the attack? That didn't make them threating? Every time we would see them fight, the homonculi always had the upper hand, and who ever fought them and took down afterwards there was a lot of broken bones and wounds.

    ''until then the heroes pretty much walk all over the main characters''


    Did you mean the main characters were walking over the villains?

    So, I guess they were walking all over Pride when he first showed up? and Kimblee? Guess Envy left Riza in good shape too.

    It's a really strange and sort of superficial complaint, asking for more deaths for villains who were shown to be monsters repeatedly beforehand.

    @The House of C.R.P: January 18

  10. Hello Rollo T, I'm really enjoying your recaps so far and I can't wait to hear more of your opinions on other manga series. But I was wondering if you could somehow put the times when you switch over to different manga series at the beginning of your video. An example is something like "One Piece 603: 9:20". I haven't read some of the series you are recapping and it's a little annoying having to jump through the video trying to avoid spoilers. It's just a suggestion but it would be very helpful.