Tuesday, December 28, 2010

D&D Log: 2010 Recap

There was no D&D session this past Sunday due to the holiday season, and that means that the next D&D session will take place in 2011. I was feeling the itch to talk about D&D, so I wanted to see what people were curious to hear about. @jbevan70 on Twitter suggested that I talk about the last year of our D&D campaign and talk about our favorite moments, but after he mentioned that I realized that it actually has been just about a year since we started playing this campaign. I sat back and thought about how far we’ve come, and it’s honestly pretty incredible. I never expected to have thousands of fans who contribute views, discussion, and fanart to our campaign when I suggested getting a D&D group together with Jason early in the year.

The first session we played it was seven us on a Skype call awkwardly trying to roleplay, and now a year later it’s nine of us on a Skype call awkwardly trying to roleplay in front of a crowd of fans making rape jokes and shouting “RAM IT!” It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I’m still stunned that so many people enjoy us playing the game, and that even more started playing D&D because of our stream. I was actually at one point going to try to contact Wizards of the Coast to tell them about that, and maybe I should consider doing that again. I doubt anything would come of it, but it’s certainly worth telling them that that thousands of viewers weekly watch a campaign set around their game. We might not be Penny Arcade, but hey, I still think it’s impressive.

So the topic of this article was to look back on the last year and recollect what we’ve done in throughout seventeen sessions, twelve characters, five levels, and one crazy campaign. There’s a lot of great memories but some of my favorites include Jonn asking if we’re on fire, Grae’s epic kill steal, Viktor decapitating Lord Esgalion, the insane throne room battle, and the one kinky night we all spent stripped, gagged, and bound in the elf camp (i.e. the Sexiest Session Ever). I’m still stunned there’s no fanart about that last one. But really, there are so many memories and I’m actually more curious to find out what you guys think about the last year of our campaign.

What have you guys loved? What have you hated? Do you have a favorite character? What about a favorite session or encounter? I’m very curious to see what the fans think about everything because I’ll be honest the campaign’s success is mostly because you guys. You guys have made this simple Sunday pastime into an event and a spectacle, and for that I thank you.

I also want to give very special to thanks to anyone out there who has drawn fanart for the campaign because honestly, that stuff is astounding to me. We’ve got some amazing artists in our community, and it means a lot that you guys put so much work into your fanart for our characters or our sessions. I’ll be honest when I say I’ve had entire days that were complete shit turned around because of an awesome piece of fanart. I try to give credit to the artists whenever I can, but I still feel it’s not enough. If you’ve ever drawn a picture of Juliet and you don’t see it in the gallery here then send an e-mail to ChrisLarios@ChannelAwesome.com with a link to the image, a link to your gallery, and a name for the credit. I want to make sure everyone gets their proper respect, and this is the absolute least I can do at this point.

Well let’s finish wrapping up a year of outrageous gaming with a great group, a fantastic DM, and the best fans in the world. There’s been a lot of fun, a few awkward moments (Lord Vane I’s death anyone?), and a lot of great discussion. You can probably tell by now, but I absolutely love talking about the D&D campaign, and if you feel like asking me anything from my thoughts on a particular character or session to something silly like what is Juliet’s favorite basketball team then send a question over to my FormSpring. Also if you’re particularly fond of the D&D campaign, check out the wiki and the TVTropes page and maybe edit some stuff in. Regardless of what you guys do, I just hope that you return next year when Team Dethklok returns to derp their way through another adventure; this time with Pascoe the Gentleman Bear!

See you guys for the next D&D recap in 2011! Until next time, Namaste!


  1. Even though it's pretty recent, "Hey Tammy, why so dead?" was a LOL moment for me.

  2. I would say the Vanes were my favorite characters, but due to the prolounged inactivity, I've grown more fond of Grae and his inevitably profitable actions.

    Yes, mark my words: Sooner or later your lives will be dependent of walking on the wall while throwing flaming, turpentine-soaked bedrolls at spider webs in utterly fluid coordination. My stomach-feeling says so.

  3. When Lord Vane and Lord Mane trampled Morwatha's turnip garden I was rolling. I think Viktor is my favorite.

    BTW Good luck on getting a comic book put together. I think it'd go over very well with the fans, possibly even getting some donations to go to the contributing artists for their time. I'd donate to them. I only wish I could draw myself but guitars make bad paint brushes.

  4. Since the first few sessions had me laughing in fits so hard I literally started to hurt, I'd say that your DND campaign is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

    I felt really sad when Vane the First died, but it led to Vane the Second and his glorious Ring of Ram. I also like Joe's roleplaying when he was sent out, on his own, to that halfling village.

    I tried to think of a complaint I had with it, and I honestly can't. I guess the whole "some of it isn't recorded and thust lost in time" thing is annoying, but other then that its great.

  5. Will you continue your D&D class overviews? I was most interested in the Wizard/Sorcerer class...

  6. i as well was enjoying your class overviews and they proved very insightful for building characters thats for sure.

    and you need to ask for favourite moment? when we have in one week Viktor riding on the back of a Julliet turned into a shark to shore and getting a stealth check bonus as no one would be expecting it? when there is the epic critical's Nick gets in boss battles that get decapitations...

    Ok can see why you would need to ask that...

    tho probably my favourite d&d memories from you lot this year would actually be the back ground creation for your characters in lordkats current campaign. that was hilarious to hear...

    tho if i had to pick one from the main campaign itself...

    it would have to be Garret talking an elven army out from killing you all. that was incredible roleplaying on skitch's part.

    favourite moment of funny was likelly the first use of the ring of ram or the first use of the flaming bedroll!

    the whole lot of you have set bout very well when it comes to battles. every one of them has become an epic encounter in one way or another and somewhat makes me sad we never did see the battle against the giant toads way back when you where leaving morgana's lair.

    I hope you lot continue to enjoy D&D as thats part of what makes it great, is the fact its clear you lot are having fun playing it. i certainly don't blame Lordkat's annoyance of the question when it is on sunday's or if its on and hope its not ruining any of your experience of the game with the constant questions regarding it.

    in any case, i look forward to what ever happens over the next year and look forward to seeing more of the power of GAGOOSH!!!

  7. Will you ever do a recap of the Wyrmwick campaign?

  8. I first checked out the D&D streams when I, out of curiosity, followed a link on Spoony's Twitter feed. From there it's evolved into my semi-regular Sunday evening thing.

    I suffer from really bad insomnia. Ever since the end of my degree (I graduated around July time) my sleep pattern has been bent completely out of shape. Anxiety. Unemployment. All that fun stuff.

    I don't know whether watching a spectacle that runs, on average, from 10pm to 5am (I live in the UK you understand) is what a psychologist would recommend - but it's been great to have something fun and laid back that I can drift in and out of while writing or trying to sleep.

    It really helps take the edge off my week.

    So thanks for that.

    As for favourite characters?

    Well, while Garret's the obvious dramatic lead, I think Juliet and Viktor are the goofy comedic heart of D&D Sundays.

    Grae and Vane have their hilarious moments to be sure. But it's your cartoony battle cries and Nik's ridiculous Russian accent that consistently bring the funny.

    Favourite moments? Other than what you've mentioned, God Door was fantastic, side splitting stuff. Also any battle where you use Pidgeotto to annoy Spoony. I'm going to miss that bird.

    Anyway, here's to 2011's D&D campaign.

    And a future with bears in it.

  9. Favorite character? That'd be a toss up between Viktor, and Grae; don't get me wrong Vane is funny and all but Viktor's hilarious accent and powerhousing and Grae's nonchalant attitude just have me rolling.

    As for favorite moment. Too many to choose from, even the recent stuff where you all blundered rolls to go down a dark hole to Grae's kill steal Baben's constant botched rolls to Lilea's sunglasses moment. it just all of it is awesome and i can't

    I hope the D and D campaigns continue and we get to see this all the way to a concrete end, because I love it

  10. Personally? I love the whole thing!

    Favorite characters? Well, hard to say when all are so interesting. I do like that you aren't afraid to crossplay. You know you are involved in the story when you go D: at certain dragonborn's fate. Outch.

    As for moments, so many good ones. Getting Tammy to literally escort you to the plains was epic. Also, Joe's antics and Bayban the Botcher.

    I also like the story a lot. As a WoD player, I generally love character interaction and great stories.

    And yes, Bearbossa fits the bear.