Monday, November 22, 2010

My Birthday or Why I Do Not Want Gifts

Hey everyone, guess what happens on December 12th?! Well I’ll probably be recovering from a night staying up watching the Spike TV VGAs and praying to god that the Giants crush the Vikings, but that’s not my point. My point is that it’ll be my birthday! Yay! Jubilation! Other excitement! Yep, I’ll be turning 22 and I’m not sure exactly what my game plan for that day will be. Maybe I’ll head out with friends and get drunk, or maybe I’ll spend it with the family and get drunk. Or I could stay home and play D&D with the fellas… and get drunk. Point is I’ll be getting wasted.

Actually that’s not the point of this post at all, though it did make me thirsty. No rather the point of this post is to address what fans can do for this oh-so-special-but-not really day. I haven’t really advertised it, but I imagine someone will ask if I have an Amazon wishlist or something. I actually do have one, but I just use it to keep track of the DS games I plan to review in the future, so it’s really just a shopping list for me. I’m not providing a link to it because the truth is: I don’t want people to buy me things.

I’m sorry, but I’m just not comfortable taking donations or gifts. Several people have given me free stuff or gifted me games on Steam, but the problem is that I always feel awkward in those situations because I can’t do anything to pay those people back. I really appreciate the generosity of these fans, but I would much rather these fans save their money. There’s tons of much better ways fans could spend their money than to buy me things.

- Donate your money to AngryJoeShow as I know every dollar he receives goes to improving his show.
- Save your money for the next TGWTG Charity Donation Drive. There’s one coming up, and this way you can give money to a good cause, and get something back in return.
- Keep it for yourself. Hey, if you have extra money, save it. It’s never a bad idea to have extra money in the bank. Fuck, start a savings account. Lord knows I should.

I’m not trying to come off like an ungrateful jerk. Anyone who wishes to donate me something are extremely generous and I thank you for your very kind intentions, but I just don’t feel comfortable taking money from fans unless I can give you guys something back in return.

I’m really a fan of simpler things. Look up to my birthday plans above and you’ll see they’re all about going out and just hanging out with friends or family. I’m not expecting gifts on my birthday, but if you still want to do something let me give you some suggestions. Send me a happy birthday message on Twitter. Watch one of my old stand up videos or the Dragonball: Evolution review. Read an article I wrote on Blistered Thumbs. Draw some fanart or make a TVTropes page for me. Leave a comment on a video or article I wrote because those mean so much more to me than any gift could. If you guys want to do something nice for me, I thank you, but please don’t open up your wallet to do it.


  1. ...well...I didn't really get you Farming Simulator 2011 as a gift....per say....because that would be a very spiteful gift and that monitor was really just...something I was going to throw out, so...meh. But I understand your point, I somewhat dislike people giving me gifts of like over....2 dollars.

    However, fact of the matter is, people are gonna keep doing it anyways, especially with steam, since all you need for that is to have you friended on steam or to know an email.

    Edit: I forgot I set my Google "name" to Meh D:

  2. Interesting post! I like your ideas, especially the one about saving the gift money for the TGWTG charity special. I only discovered you guys earlier this year, so I missed the last one and am hoping to be in a position to donate this year.

    *toddles off to add you to the list of blogs I follow* Keep up the good work!

  3. Its a good thing I'm broke then. I may end up drawing some smut for you, though. Haha! TRY TO STOP ME!

  4. Chris, I gave you the computer because you needed one. Also you and LordKat are my favorite people to watch. It is just like a couple of guys hanging out talking junk to each other. You are freaking hilarious!
    I never wanted anything in return, just wanted to know how it was working for you. I am not even bothered that you didn't do the blog post about it because you told me it was working good for you the other day.
    I understand what you are trying to say though.
    Can't draw damnit so you get a farking computer! lol

  5. Dang it, Chris.. I was going to make something real special, since the day after, I'm having my 29th birthday.

    I was planning on write a long article about how people born in December rock, or how they suck. And especially, since you share birthday with my dear papa.

    Fine.. I'll keep it to a short twitter message.. I wish I at least could buy you a beer.

  6. Awww, and i so wanted to send you one of these.

    Anyway, for the gifts you're getting you're already repaying to people, by simply being hi-larious rollo_t! The farming simulator "fun" with Lordkat was one of the funniest video i've seen this year, so i'd say it was well worth the money for whoever gifted it to you.