Friday, May 28, 2010

Side Campaign Log: Session 2

And so we returned to The City for the second session of our side campaign to a rather turbulent and entertaining adventure. Edward was allowed to make a few decisions during the time me and Skitch played after Noah left the last session, and he learned that the most likely location to learn of the demons beneath the sealed section was in the Mage’s Tower outside the city walls in Pagen territory. Cue our exodus to the Mage’s Tower, and what shall henceforth be known as “that encounter”. Fifteen minutes after departing we were interrupted by a small, goblin-like human. He demanded to know what we were doing in his forest, and Edward responded by shooting him in the face. Suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by six goblins, and admittedly, Jason set up an encounter too difficult for us. All of us Level 1, we faced off against six Goblin-things all Level 3. Each Gobby had at minimum sixty health, I believe 17 AC, and a battle ax to do 1d10+5 damage on hit, with a special condition that the attack jump to 2d10+5 once they were bloodied, and again, their health was easily in the 60s/70s. This made the fight extremely difficult as each Gobby could easily one shot either Edward or Erik with a single critical. For those not watching, the fight went poorly. Though we slowly eliminated the Gobbies, it was only after all three of us dropped our Encounters, Dailies, and Action Points, and even after exhausting all of those we still had four Gobbies left. Skitch also had a poor series of rolls that effectively removed him from the game.

I even managed to be the sole victim of a critical hit while the creature was bloodied, and had I not healed the turns before I would have been dead right there. In the end it was Edward who died as it became impossible to shake him from one particular Gobby. We won, but it was a hollow victory. While I was upset at the time, and still am a tiny bit now, I don’t blame Jason since this is his first time DMing. In the end it wasn’t TPK, but it came darn close at certain points. Regardless, Edward was now dead, and Abaddon saw no reason to continue. While Erik looted the bodies and a chest behind a tree, we returned to town to put Edward to rest, or that was my intention. Erik suggesting trying to raise him, and Abaddon agreed, though it forced us to speak with the Hammerites regarding raising him. Brother Walken (named because of his outrageous douchebaggery) spent every moment antagonizing Abaddon as best he could—belittling Pelor and commenting on the unimportance of raising Edward. Though Abaddon would not be so foolish to attack the brother, it was good that Erik pulled him away lest the situation become volatile.

That night Edward was raised, but the next morning he met with Mahoney who revealed he knew everything about Edward, or should we call him Dubois now? So Mahoney knows about Dubois wanting to meet Ramirez (we don’t know who that is either at the moment), and demands a cut. Knowing that Mahoney could now blackmail him Dubois decides it best to put his plan into action. He wants to kill Mahoney! DUN DUN DUN!!! Well, he did, but he realized it wouldn’t be very easily executed. Instead he asked Abaddon and Erik to come with him to the Sealed Section, and we’d attempt to find a way out of the city. Or something. Honestly I’m not too sure what our endgame is, but it seems clear that we’re not returning to The City anytime soon. After returning to the Sealed Section we managed to trick a group of guards to enter a tavern full of zombies, sending the two groups to kill each other. In the meantime we snuck into the tunnels, and used a corpse to weight down the hatch. Like it or not, we were about to face the dangers of the tunnels.

I apologize if this recap seems shorter, but aside from a small battle at the end, the above encounter was the only battle of the session, and thus the majority of the time spent. There’s a chance that next session we might have another player joining us, but we might not. Perhaps too early to tell, but in the end this session was quite brutal. We had a party member die, and each one of us faced off against a character that will likely become a rival in time. When we stopped playing we were preparing to enter the caverns and, with any luck, face off against the demons lurking inside. Tune in next time~!


  1. From the Podcast it looked like a lot of fun, despite the bad rolls. What's sticking in my mind however is who exactly is ruling over the pagan lands. It wouldn't be at surprising if someone sent the (Half-Goblins?) to demand payment rather than them be just random raiders

  2. to be honest, these are my favorite sessions, I do like spoony's campaign, but I Was very wrapped up in the trials of Dubois and Brother walken