Thursday, April 29, 2010

Video Update + DnD

Hey everyone, I figured I’d give you all an update on what’s going on with my video series, and talk about some other stuff while I’m here.

My initial promise was to have my manga related show and an episode of Hollywood Genocide premiering before the start of May, but I won’t be able to get either out in time. It’s not via a lack of trying though. I’m in the middle of recording for my manga related show while grabbing scans, music, and clips for the video itself. I’ll finish recording tonight, and start editing either tonight or tomorrow, but I’m giving myself a long leeway to edit. I know for a fact I’m not very good at editing, and it could take an entire week to put the project together. I’m hoping that’s not the case, but I’d rather cover my bases then back track when I inevitably underestimate my workload.

As for Hollywood Genocide, that’ll be my project after the manga show. Hollywood Genocide is going to be my more consistent series since it takes so little time to write and will likely attract a much larger audience. If I finished the manga show on Tuesday for example, I would start HG on Thursday or Friday. I’m shooting for two videos a month at minimum, but I’m hoping to do three to four for right now (with perhaps more in the future once I can get a system implemented to cut down the time needed to write, record, and edit).

There’s a third series I’m brainstorming for that I’m tentatively calling “Wasted”. I won’t say too much more for now, but it will be separate from my manga related shows and Hollywood Genocide. Again, no time table mostly because the show will require money for props, costumes, and lighting. I definitely would like to see an episode of it out before the end of summer.

That’s it for video news, though another series I’d like to talk about involves the Dungeons & Dragons campaign I’m a part of alongside Skitch, LordKat, AngryJoe, Sean, Paw, Y Ruler of Time, and Spoony. So far we’ve had three sessions, two character deaths, and we killed a bunch of Egypt shit, and best of all I’ve recorded all three sessions. Originally I wanted to turn the series into an animated venture, but finding an animator is tough. From my understanding even the most basic of animation is a ridiculously time consuming product, so finding someone hasn’t been easy. If anyone knows anyone who might be interested, send ‘em my way and we can talk it over and go over what we can do. I know some people suggested turning the recordings into a podcast, but honestly that’s a lot of work and I doubt it would be much fun to listen to. Since we play on a virtual table top we reference stuff no one else would be able to see, and it’s not all terribly exciting. With the animated shorts, I’d literally take our funniest moments, and combine them into brief two – three minute scripts. With the raw recordings you’re looking at four to five hours of us yelling at Sean to finish his turn. If a lot of people (and I mean a lot) really want to hear them, AND I can’t find an animator, then I might release them after editing them severely, but I’m telling all of you that you’d enjoy the series 20x more if we could find an animator or some way to visually tell the story.

Also, just for my own curiosity would anyone be interested in reading a brief recap of all of our D&D adventures as they happen? Basically after we play a session I’d just update everyone on what happened. Might be a different way to judge what parts of the sessions people would like to see animated. Hit me back with a response peeps. That’s all for now. Until then this is Three Dog AWOOOOOOW! And you’re listening to Galaxy News Radio…


  1. Being part of a weekly role play group myself, I find it rather amazing if you are able to stay on track and focused for those 4-5 hours, as my group devotes ten hours on Saturday to role plays, and it is broken up every few minutes because someone is called away, everyone is hungry, or other unknown circumstances such as someone passing out from fatigue from work.

    Since you have them recorded, you could cut them down to maybe half hour chunks and put them up on Blip after editing them down to a reasonable length of stuff happening.

    Typed updates could work well, and I know for my group we have a small twist where we write the adventures in a journal style if we want to, because it almost makes it seem like you really are that character chronicling your adventures, and it is almost like a log that people read in the future after a long time has passed since that character's passing.

    Granted, this probably sounds fairly awkward since I'm not one to think before I type out long wordy things like this, so summary for ease.

    1: Just the recordings of audio would be fine, if edited down and maybe delivered in half hour chunks.

    2: Text recap for people that come here and read everything would be nice, and making in a journal style could be funny to read as well as a general synopsis of the adventure.

    3: Maybe you could ask your fans from Transmission Awesome to collaborate and draw some of this or something, or have it as a comic book instead of an animation, kind of like how Zero Punctuation does it. Just have the audio playing over the still comic shots.

  2. @Kai

    If I could find any artists willing to draw some images for an example of the series I'd be up for giving that a try. That is, -if- I can find some artists. The kind of stuff Zero Punctuation does isn't bad either. It's edited fast enough to give the illusion of animation, and works well for humor.

  3. I might be able to do some sprite-based animation, I can't promise anything though.

    I mean I do have a frame of reference thanks to the awesome title-card/fanart that Wuggy did, but even so, judging from your last comment it doesn't sound like that what was you were looking for.

    Anyway, if you could send me a short sample or something I'd like to at least try and see what happens.

    //Moffen (I guess you could just add me on Skype or something)