Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Opening Up Shop

Ahoy-hoy everyone! This is Rollo T, and you've stumbled upon the humble origins of my BlogSpot before it inevitably became full of unnecessary complaining. I suppose there are a few of you out there who might not know who I am, and if so, allow me to briefly describe myself.

I am Chris Larios, otherwise known as Rollo T (and very briefly known as LordVonQuack), and I am a featured talent over at I host a podcast known as Transmission Awesome, and help to do various other tasks involving the site. I am a comedian (or at least I pretend to be one), and as such humor is a large part of my life. But that's a topic for another day.

Essentially the goal of this blog will be to let me rant about topics that Twitter's stupid 140 character limit makes ridiculously inconvienent. Really this will be a place to release my thoughts and discuss upcoming projects I'm working on. Or a place where a manga snob can talk about how Naruto jumped the shark because honestly, the Internet needs more of those. Well friends, I hope you enjoy yourselves here, and feel free to ask the great and mighty Rollo T any questions you might have. My first real post will explain my reasons to disliking Final Fantasy XIII. Yeah. I'm edgey like that.